There is a trend in online discourse to act as devil’s advocate to spur discussion. This is useful, but it has no value whatsoever when the discussion is basic arithmetic, for example.

Bitcoin is more complex than basic arithmetic, but it is auditable, understandable, built on old, tried and tested math and technology so certain attacks against it are not worth perusing, because they cannot offer anything new.

Below is a comment left in response to a good example of a, “discussion starter” article, that contains all the usual caveats and disclaimers.

If we look at other peer to peer technologies as a guide to show us how this area of software develops, we can see a very clear trend.

Napster => OpenNap => Gnutella => BitTorrent

This sequence will repeat itself should Bitcoin encounter any difficulties, and of course, all services built on Bitcoin can replace the Bitcoin server with a drop in, API for API replacement.

There have been no ground-breaking improvements in file-sharing since BitTorrent, because the problem has been solved to such an extent that no more work needs to be done. The BitTorrent network is resilient, the file discovery mechanism (Magnet Files being the last big innovation) works perfectly, and as we know, one third of all internet traffic is made up of it.

If there are any problems with Bitcoin in the future, we can expect improvements to solve them, and all the money, contracts and “sitting on the protocol” extensions and services to move to the new network in one jump.

We cannot overlook the acceleration of the free market in the light of a world where the State’s ability to steal money has been seriously, perhaps (hopefully) fatally damaged. In such a world, new innovations that we cannot imagine will emerge, in the same way that Bitcoin itself has, making everyone more wealthy, and making Bitcoin itself stronger.

Every detractor that writes pieces saying that Bitcoin cannot last is authored by a man who did not have the capacity to solve the Double Spending Problem.

This is a fact, and it is significant.

Anyone who is smart enough to say why Bitcoin cannot work or will fail authoritatively should be smart enough to create Bitcoin in the first place. Its easy to throw around terms like “Quantum Computing” without understanding what they really mean, and we must bear in mind that its very hard to predict what these tools will do in a far flung future that no one has access to. No one predicted Bitcoin; to predict that it will be destroyed is a stretch, to use Parliamentary language.

What Bitcoin does is show us clearly that innovation at the level of the individual can change the world entirely. Saying that Bitcoin will eventually fail because of ideas or techniques that are not even in use is clearly a bad bet, because innovation that surprises everyone is still possible. Ideas and techniques that surprise us and give us new tools can and will emerge; the idea of Bitcoin is here to stay, and as trillions of dollars are absorbed into it, the incentive to keep the network alive and strong will be overwhelming. Even now, there are hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of developers pouring work on to Bitcoin. There is no way this is going to be stopped. There are many eyes on Bitcoin, and this will only increase and benefit everyone.

Another side effect of Bitcoin is going to be devastating to the State; the idea of Fiat Currency is going to be utterly destroyed by Bitcoin.

Lets say that Bitcoin lasts for another twenty years only, and is killed by an innovation that we do not see coming. What will we be left with? A global population that understands that the money supply must be always be limited by a machine or force of nature, and should never ever be under the control of the State.

This victory alone, will prevent the re-emergence of fraudulent, unethical Keynesian fiat money. It will mean that the savings of people will never be predated upon again. It will mean that the welfare warfare state will never re-emerge, after having been destroyed by Bitcoin.

I think that would be a great victory, and in that scenario, Bitcoin was a can opener used to open liberty for all; the greatest monetary educational tool ever unleashed in the history of the world. That alone makes it worthwhile.

Whatever happens, it is clear that Bitcoin is a success. The idea of crypto currencies and ethical Austrian styled monies is being implanted into everyone’s minds, and there is no going back.

No number of nay-saying articles quoting math topics that no one but expert mathematicians understand (and which certainly in many cases are not understood by the authors that write them) will stop Bitcoin from spreading everywhere and changing everything.

Once again, not only will Bitcoin change how everyone pays for goods online, but it will also change everyone’s thinking about the true nature of money.

Finally, saying that the State will not allow Bitcoin to succeed is like saying the State will stop BitTorrent file sharing. It will never happen, and that is guaranteed.

Once hundreds of millions of people are all trading Bitcoin on their iPhones and laptops, there is no way that it will be stoppable, auditable or interceptable. No one takes seriously the idea that BitTorrent movie sharing can be eradicated, and of course, Bitcoin is worth far more than any copy of a movie. The incentive to write applications and services that run on it are exponentially higher than mere movie “piracy” operation. This will cause Bitcoin to spread far faster than any other information sharing platform in the history of the Internet.

None of what I have just written is breathless “fanboyism”, fanaticism, utopianism or any other nonsense. I merely state facts, and back them up with examples from history that allows me to make accurate predictions. And my predictions have been very accurate so far, as a reading of my blog posts from early 2011 and even earlier have demonstrated amply.

Bitcoin is what all computer literate anarchists have been waiting for for decades. It is very resilient, powerful, viral and is the right tool at the right time. It will dominate, and change everything for the better, because it changes both the way people work with money, and more importantly, the way they think about it, and the latter is the real revolution; the long awaited and very much needed total death of Keynesianism.