The G7 say Bitcoin is a threat. This is demonstrably false, and we can prove it in a few logical steps.

Every single terrorist had a passport, a fully KYC/AML bank account, an ISP, iPhone or Droid and travelled in the EU without any problem.

In France, you can’t buy a SIM card without showing ID. You can’t do practically anything without showing ID. They’re Security Theatre nuts.

With all the State’s tools, men were still able to do a massacre. Only a fool thinks that adding KYC/AML to Bitcoin will make a difference.

What this should teach everyone is that KYC/AML can’t stop criminals using the net, phones or plotting on Playstation.

If you were to remove all KYC/AML from the equation those disgusting attacks would still have happened. QED the G7 are wrong about Bitcoin.

Imagine a man with a dying child. He needs $1,000,000 to buy care to save her life. A million in Bitcoin is sent to her address. Pure Win!

That same cascade of money for a cause can be for any cause, and once the Bitcoin is out there, nothing can stop its flow.

You can KYC/AML anyone you like; it can’t stop the flow of Bitcoin, email, SMS, Playstation once the bad guys are on these systems.

The only way to stop the bad guys is to remove their cause. If their cause is to stop you bombing them, stop that. Stop it now.

If it is the case that no matter what you do, they won’t stop, then this is the existential problem that many are waking up to.

In the existential problem scenario, taking people’s names and addresses is not going to solve anything whatsoever. Its pointless.

The measures being discussed to eliminate the existential threat are out there. Go and find them yourself. What I am saying is KYC isn’t it.

G7 cant protect you from anything. But they can put you in harm’s way again and again. Are you really going to allow them to kill privacy?

No matter how horrible the outrage, giving away your rights is never the answer. The solution to this problem, the Jihadi problem, is much tougher than raising your hand in a wooden chamber, voting take men’s photos.

The PlayStation aspect is the real game changer. It shows how these people can use literally anything to plan bad things.

Is the G7 going to force SONY to recall all PlayStations and implement KYC/AML on them? No; SONY is a member of the G7, like Goldman Sachs.

This “Bitcoin is Terrorism”, “Kill Crypto” meme is nothing more than an attempt to kill them both. It won’t work, can’t work. This is a fact.

And the UK Treasury agrees. Bitcoin has nothing to do with Terrorism:

What this means

The G7 are actually working at the behest of the banks to try and destroy the existential threat to their business model, known as “Bitcoin”. If everyone is their own bank and no one needs them for any money related service, and all of it being replaced by Blockchain and other apps, then they are set to lose many billions in revenue. Even if no one in the west adopts Bitcoin and it becomes the money of the un-banked, that is 2.2 billion users circulating Bitcoin and buying with it outside of their reach.

The pretext of terrorism is a repugnant use of a crisis to mould policy. We know that they use these terrible events, many of which their security services are responsible for launching, to accelerate a political or business agenda:

You need look no further than Operation Gladio for an example of how the G7 nations use terrorism to set the agenda, legislate and create business opportunities. They have done the math. Bitcoin is an existential threat not only to the banks, but to the means of collecting taxes, and if they can’t stop it entirely, they will do everything they can to slow its adoption.

Then you win.

Nothing the G7 can do can stop the rise and domination of Bitcoin, and we can demonstrate this with a simple scenario as tweetstormed above.

Imagine a man with an iPhone, who becomes the poster boy for some event that has gone viral. Everyone in the world with a mobile in this scenario has a little Bitcoin on their phone. They use it to buy content on the net, their coffee at Starbucks and all sorts of other little things.

On this occasion, their heart strings have been pulled, or their outrage. It doesn’t matter which, because the result is the same.

Once this man’s Bitcoin address goes viral small donations start to pour in. They range in value from 20¢ to $10. And they keep coming. In a matter of days, this man has accumulated $3,299,614 in Bitcoin rather like viral videos on YouTube gather millions of views.

No one knows who this man is, where he is. He can spend this money anywhere in the world, for any purpose, and no one anywhere has the power to stop him.

It doesn’t matter that all the people who donated money to him were KYC/AML inducted. The recipient of Bitcoin cannot be controlled. This money, once received can now flow anywhere in the world instantly, all at once or a dollar at a time, and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it.

This is the future scenario at a massive scale, but it also works on smaller scales, and will be repeated literally millions of times a year. It cannot be stopped, un-done, persuaded or diverted. Money is beyond the reach of the State.

Anyone familiar with BitTorrent and movie piracy knows what is going to happen next, and that there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Bitcoin is a tool that cannot be stopped, changed or replaced by force. It is too useful, too powerful, too attractive. It saves people time and money. It makes people’s lives better, just like the internet and mobile phones make people’s lives better. It is neutral, and has no inherent moral properties.

If the price of Bitcoin taking over the world and replacing consumer banking is a tiny fraction of its users moving the proceeds of crime with it, just as they do with cash today, this price is acceptable to any rational man, and in any case, all objections to Bitcoin do not come from a concern for humanity;they come from a desire to protect streams of profit of the G7 and its cronies.