This is a “Tweetstorm”, a stream of tweets on a single subject, fired off in rapid succession, on the subject of Bitcoin, Statists, “Regulationistas”, the history of software, reality, the nature of data and the future of all the above.

Coincenter “to promote a regulatory climate”. Climate Change, everyone agrees, is a bad thing.

Unless you produce software, you have nothing to say about anything any more. Producing reports is meaningless, so is the law.

This is why BitTorrent does not and never did need a hugely expensive and pointless association. It just changed everything by existing.

This is what Bitcoin is going to do. All the meetings, hearings, reports, legislation, administrative rules and boards can’t stop it.

America will not control Bitcoin, and neither will American thinking or standards. GSM vs CDMA, once again, is the example.

The best thing that could happen is mass adoption in the world. Then it will be much harder to corrupt the businesses using the network.

Multisig is the perfect example of how no advisory group or committee that publishes paper can change software. Only code matters. Period.

Everyone wants a piece of the Bitcoin revolution. This is understandable. People in the wrong profession will not be allowed to destroy it.

If you’re a lobbyist or a lawyer, re-train to write C. That is the only way you will be able to ethically influence the direction of Bitcoin.

Lobbying the State to create rules to control software is unethical. No man or group of men has the right to force others to code for them.

This essentially is what these lobbying groups want; to hire developers to work for them by force. Its disgusting, horrible and shameful.

The EU cookie directive is a perfect example of this. Some ignorant swines who cannot code have forced people to write software.

They are now interrupting and destroying the layouts of millions of pages, all for nothing, and in a transaction not involving them.

This is exactly what the Bitcoin Statists want, the “Petit Banqiers”. It cant work, because the network is designed to circumvent them.

The more time and money they waste on pointless meetings and publishing, the more time the Golden BB has to emerge, that will wipe them out.

This is going to happen. There is no doubt about it. Ask the MPAA/RIAA what it feels like to be totally cut out of the loop.

Never before has there been a time where the back room dealings of the enemy have so transparently, so patently been made laughable.

Their scrambling around for legitimacy in a world where the Web of Trust is the absolute standard is ridiculous posturing.

The thing that matters now is the Web of Trust; nothing else. No state, law, rule or group of Crony Capitalists can stop it or corrupt it.

Mandatory Key Escrow, registration and all the other junk proposed by the Statists has been tried before pre-Bitcoin. It failed, and fail will again.

The history of the French and SSL is the precedent. When everyone is using Bitcoin, no State will dare interfere in its operation.

The self interested parasitical lobbying faction will auto destruct, since it will be obvious to everyone that they serve no purpose.

There is no lobbying group for GPG or SSL or Linux and there is no need for a lobbying group for Bitcoin. This is plainly obvious.

What is so wonderful is that it doesn’t matter who wastes their time anymore; these people are literally impotent in the face of the network.

The software will spread like wildfire, the Bitcoin will flow peer to peer. Profit will be made, and none of it will be due to lobbying.

This really is a sea change in how things are done. Money is being removed from the control of the State and its low brow accomplices.

The world’s population, which already holds the Americans in utter contempt thanks to NSA / Snowden won’t accept US domination of Bitcoin.

I think Romanian domination of Bitcoin is far preferable. At least from there you will have ethics, standards, innovation, logic and reason.


If all the money spent talking was put into writing and promoting and distributing software, all our problems would be greatly diminished.

The problem is that well meaning, computer illiterate, non business people or any combination of toxic characteristics simply can’t plan.

If you want communications world wide to be protected, you don’t LOBBY. You write SOFTWARE and RELEASE IT and SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

The stumbling block all these people have is that they love democracy and the State. They want both Liberty and Statism at the same time.

The un-brainwashed portion of their heads wants a Web of Trust mediated world without a State. The Pavlovian part barks “NO!”

Thankfully, it doesn’t matter what these people can’t think. PGP, Bitcoin, BitTorrent were all released without a committee or permission.

All of those three pieces of software forced changes on the world that are irrevocable. Bitcoin is at the beginning of its transformation.

The path is clear, the future is certain. Bitcoin will spread everywhere, and there is nothing that any handful of wrong headed men can do.

Bitcoin will be used without permission, without regulation, without your say so. You will be ignored by the market, just like the RIAA.

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